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Автодоставка грузов по Казахстану и России

К вашим услугам наша круглосуточная диспетчерская работа по поиску и постановке под загрузку свободных машин для срочных автоперевозок в Евразийском Союзе и в окружающих странах. От одной палеты до полной фуры - любой объем, вес и направления.

Welcome to Asia Cargo Transport and Logistics website! We pay great attention to the quality of our freight forwarding services.

We offer a wide variety of forwarding operations in Kazakhstan, Russia and surrounding countries. Urgent airfreight pick ups, local 24/7 trucking dispatching service, assistance with customs clearance and transit, oversized and overweight shipments, projects and consulting services with regard to complex routes and deliveries. We are well known among the North Kazakhstan mining companies who entrust us as their in-house forwarder with just-in-time parts and machinery deliveries, strict budget-controlled logistics and a personal touch in everything we do. Your word is our command!

For all your requests, please email us at: mmd@actl.kz

По всем запросам, обращайтесь, пожалуйста, по mmd@actl.kz